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Dr. Rachel Bentley, BA, BSc, DC, CAC
Certified Animal Chiropractor, Peterborough, ON

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Chiropractic Adjustments at Shining Waters
  • Chiropractic involves the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal (bones, muscles, and joints) and nervous systems. It is a holistic, manual therapy that detects and corrects areas of “subluxation” or joint restriction and improper biomechanics in the spine and extremities. Subluxations between adjacent vertebrae in the spine can cause interference and irritation to the nerves that exit between the vertebrae. This can lead to symptoms of pain, weakness, and decreased function.
  • Chiropractic adjustments are quick, gentle, specific, and low-force maneuvers that restore motion, reduce muscle spasm, decrease pain, and improve nerve function.
  • Chiropractic is safe, effective, and evidence-based!
Massage at Shining Waters
  • Massage Therapy is a science-based method of assessing and treating the soft tissues of the body.  It is used to calm the nervous system, to help reduce stress and pain, and to mechanically release tightened structures of the body to help stop pain from returning.  It can be used as a treatment for a specific problem, or as a ‘maintenance’ measure to help counteract the effects our daily life has on our bodies.
  • Although massage has been used as a therapy for thousands of years, science has only recently started studying its positive effects on body health, calming of the mind, and emotional support. As a result, more and more health professionals are recommending massage therapy as a primary or adjunct tool for injury rehabilitation, chronic pain, stress related illnesses, and some mental diseases. 
  • Our massage therapists make sure you are fully comfortable with your treatment before it begins and as it progresses.  Whether this means clothed, light pressure, or shortened treatment times, your massage therapist can accommodate almost any need to make sure you will benefit from your time together.
Massage Therapy in Peterborough
Acupuncture in Peterborough
Acupuncture at Shining Waters
  • Acupuncture is a gentle healing art. Although needles are used, they are extremely fine and insertion is minimally invasive. Many patients report that acupuncture treatments cause no pain or discomfort, and in fact are soothing and relaxing. Indeed, some report feelings of elation and euphoria. For a few patients there may be temporary discomfort but the results are well worth any moment of apprehension or slight prickling.
  • Acupuncture uses your body’s natural channels and rhythms, enabling your own healing energy to focus on the area impacted by injury or illness. This natural force can then clear blockages and correct imbalances to relieve pain and encourage healing in body and mind.
  • In addition to being an effective treatment for physical health, acupuncture can be an excellent tool for mental well-being, or treat a wide variety of conditions that may otherwise result in addictions, eating disorders, and even depression and anxiety.
Reiki in Peterborough

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